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Why augurID ?

We know how important data is to companies. We also know that data losses and breaches mean huge losses for companies. So you? Do you know where all your data is? At this point augurID is with you. augurID enables organizations to easily and quickly discover all kinds of structured and unstructured data, especially KVKK, GDPR and DSAR. It provides you to view all these known and unknown data on a single platform and gain control over these data. It turns information protection proactive while orchestrating your existing infrastructure with other systems. This Solution is the brain behind making data perfectly clear in the most efficient way. It introduces new ways to maximize data confidence using minimized resources. It maximizes Data Visibility while Minimizing Efforts Through AI Driven Discovery Engine. Data intelligence platform provides privacy-centric data insights. If you care about your enterprise data and want to know, see and manage them at all times, do not hesitate to enter the world of conveniences and practical solutions offered by augurID.


Maximum Data Governance, Minimum Effort

Make less effort to manage your all data. With a single scan, you can quickly access the data you want to know all the details of by searching Google-like within the indexed data. Thus, you can enjoy detailed analysis while saving time with less effort.

Simple and Quick GUI

Your invisible data is not far, anymore. 3-Click is enough. With its simplified interface, effortless adjustable management settings and easy-to-understand dashboard display, augurID allows you to see and manage all the data you need clearly on a single platform without getting lost in details. With just a few clicks, you just need to set scanning areas -File Servers and Databases (Mssql, Mysql and Oracle)- and determine the time interval to scan.


360° Visibility

Automatically discover, inventory on your IT infrastructure. augurID gives you not only information about where your valuable data is, but also many other details such as size, type, owners, users, permissions, date created, date modificated of the file containing the relevant data. By providing 360° visibility, it strengthens your hand in the field of discovering, management and protection.

Say Goodbye To Complex Data

Real-time Data Scanning  

Fast And Accurate Analysis  

Discover The Power Of Your Data  

Efficiency is The Name of The Game

Trip to Data

With augurID, you will enjoy much this journey to your unknown data.

We Can Help You Succeed

Clean Presentation

See the meaning of today and past data clearly

Schedulable Tasks

Just once tell it when to run, it works for you anytime

Detailed Scan  

Knowing all the details is just a few clicks away

Flexible Filtering  

Feel free about what you want to see or not